Why This Pandemic Is Not A Hoax?: five Issues | CUH

Why This Pandemic Is Not A Hoax?: five Issues | CUH

Why This Pandemic Is Not A Hoax It’s essential to understand and recognize, honestly because, some/ any public/ elected official, both denies, minimizes, and/ or, calls it a hoax, this horrific pandemic is real, and one of the worst public health crises, ever! When more Americans have died, because of it, than from any of the 20th, or 21st Century wars/ encounters, it’s miles now not best mendacity and misleading, but a clear, and present danger, to the public’s health and well – being!

The substantial range of infections, both, worldwide, and inside the United States, and the huge quantity of death, and huge ramifications, including economic, emotional/ mental, and impact on treating different illnesses, rather than being proactively, addressed, and the President, in place of articulating an inspiring and motivating message, to unify, and urge cooperation, for the common good, appears to consciousness on his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, instead! With that during mind, this newsletter will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, five issues, which certainly indicate, the unlucky facts/ realities, and why, we need a real leader, now, more than ever.

1. Approximately 3 million Americans infected, and over 130, 000 dead: Without a doubt, we are experiencing the worst, public fitness crisis, in over a century! President Trump seems to have, both, denied or ignored, the original evidence of the original existence of the virus. He then, proceeded, consistently, for a substantial period of time, to consult it as, both the fault of China, the Democrats, the media, or in reality, referred to it, as a hoax! Although, nearly every public health expert, states, wearing a mask, and Social Distancing, substantially reduces infection, and, flattens the curve, Trump minimized it, refused to put on a mask, and urged Governors to reopen their economies, immediately, rather than the usage of the phased – in, data – driven, approach.

2. Worldwide, nearly 12 million infected, and over 537, 000 deaths: Although, our population represents much less than 5% of the world’s numbers, our instances represent approximately one – quarter, of them. While, different nations, have begun, lowering their infection – rate, and are reopening, safely (in most cases), even the European Union, has placed our nation, at the Do now not enter, list! More than a half million deaths, and our President, calls it a hoax!

3. Reopening too soon – Spike in cases: As of yesterday, 39 states were experiencing a spiking, in their number of instances! At the President’s urging, all of the ones, regarded to reopen, too soon, while, the ones states, who are extra carefully, reopening, in phases, are, hence far, doing a great deal better! It has gotten so extreme, the Governors of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, have located, tourists from 19 states, on a restricted list, and, those visiting from those states, need to self – quarantine for 14 days.

4. Public Fitness: Public health experts inform us, a combination of Social Distancing, sporting a mask, etc, extensively reduce the influences of this virus. Nevertheless, President Trump, instead of placing an example, refuses to put on a mask, and has held large, marketing campaign events, without disturbing distancing or carrying one! If he did, personally, what the specialists suggest, many greater might do, what’s needed and necessary, to nicely deal with this!

5. Still the primary wave: Many professionals believe, there’s a robust possibility, we’re still within the first wave, and will, most likely, revel in a 2nd wave!

Wake up, America, and call for better, safer, wiser leadership, in terms of the true, public health needs, of the nation, and world! The gift course, recommended by means of this leadership, have certainly, failed us, in that direction!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, Professionally run events, consulted to hundreds carried English Love Quotes out personal improvement seminars, and labored on political campaigns, for four decades. Rich has written three books and hundreds of articles.

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