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Sharing Calendars: to the World with FastMail

Sharing is good, and with digital technology sharing is easy. With the updated virtual world, sharing helps people a lot. It is very helpful for all users if they complete their task while sharing the details and files with each other.

The same will apply in the emailing world. So many organisations are working with each other based only on transferring the data. Sharing Calendars are also very important task when people are working with FastMail. But with FastMail Technical Support, users do not need to worry about the webmail.

If user wants to enable the public URL for a calendar:

  • Go to the setting of your device and open the Calendars Screen.
  • From this setting, find the calendar from the list and press “Edit & Share” button.
  • Now from this box customer will choose whether they want to enable full event or free-busy sharing. After that, customer will display an URL. A customer has to copy that URL and give this Link to all the people who want to see the scheduled information of user. Once user will save the setting, it will become a live link.

If due to some reason, customer sends the link to unknown people, customer can reset URL

Add someone else's calendar URL in user Account

If a customer wants to open or view the Calendar given by another customer, they have to do the following setting:

Go to the setting page and click on Calendar

After that user has to select the option to Subscribe to a public calendar at bottom right corner

  • Now paste that given URL in the text box
  • Now user has to choose a colour and a name for Calendar.
  • Now at last click on “Create Calendar

So follow these simple and easy steps for sharing calendars with others. If user has faced any issues regarding FastMail features or could not able to solve the glitches, call on FastMail Support Number 1-800-764-852 and get support.


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