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Setup Bigpond Emails on Your Phone or Tablet

Now days, everything is becoming compact. We need everything delivered to us as close as possible. That’s why phones and tablets come with fully functional interface with a number of applications so that we don’t need to open a computer or laptop for general things like internet surfing. Emails are an important part of life and it is necessary that we get them on time.

Telstra email system is very easy and simple for the ease of its users. There is a reason that a number of people use it and recommend it. BigPond email login can be done from anywhere to anyone and at any point of time. You can have your Telstra mails in your phones or tablets after you have set it up on your device. The methods are different for different devices.

What to do on the mobile support page?

  • Look for your device name and model number.
  • Choose for ‘messaging and email’.
  • Choose for ‘set up your phone for Telstra Mail.

What IMAP, POP and SMTP info is needed to set up your e-mail?

IMAP and POP let you download your mails to your phone. The difference is that IMAP sync it with the server and POP doesn’t do that.

Points to remember:

  • If you are switching to IMAP from POP, all of you set up folders will be lost.
  • To save them, sign in to webmail and re-create them before you change over.
  • BigPond webmail customers are recommended to use IMAP.

What are the settings for IMAP account type?

Incoming server details:

  • Incoming server address:
  • Incoming server port: 993
  • Encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing server details:

  • Outgoing server address:
  • Outgoing server port: 465 (suggested) or 587
  • SMTP authentication: On
  • Encrypted connection: SSL/ TLS on port 465 (suggested) or STARTTLS on port 587

Remember your username and password and confirm that ‘outgoing server requires authentication’ is checked right.

If you want to set up with POP, you can do so in more or less same way or if you need help you can get in touch with our team of professionals. The technicians are available 24/7 to assist you. You can contact us via toll-free number 1-800-764-852 or live online chat.