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Internet Safety and Security Index of Optus Mail

Emails have an important use in almost every perspective of our lives whether it’s personal or professional. We use email communication with our colleagues, managers, clients, friends, family and bosses too. Optus Webmail system comes with a lot of features that allows its users to attempt many functions according to their businesses.

It is an activity that works upon the internet and so it is necessary to keep the check on your internet security. Your messages may get leaked, altered, littered or compromised in other ways by the hackers.

How to identify phishing attempts

  • By the utilization of generic greetings.
  • Wrong use of grammar, spelling or layout.
  • An immediate request for personal or confidential information.
  • Misinterpreted links, fake sender addresses or false attachments.

How to report spams

In case you are using an email application you will have to add the spam emails’ headers manually. They are the addressing and routing information. If you avoid doing this, action might take place against you.

Following are the steps to do so (if you can’t see your mail application, go to its help menu to find out how to view its headers):

  • Go to the suspect e-mail (Avoid clicking on ‘Reply’ to open it).
  • See to the suspect e-mails’ ‘header data’ in your webmail system.
    1. Apple Mail: Press on ‘View’ >> ‘Message’ >> ‘Long Headers’.
    2. Microsoft Outlook 2003/ 07: go to the Inbox and right click on the e-mail and then press on ‘Message Options’.
    3. Microsoft Outlook 2010: choose the email >> hit on ‘File’ >> ‘Info’ >> ‘Properties’.
    4. Thunderbird: Press on ‘View’ >> ‘Headers’ >> ‘Full’.
    5. Gmail: Hit on the ‘Down Arrow’ to the right of the sender name and reply options >> ‘Show Original’.
    6. Hotmail: right click on an e-mail >> hit on ‘View Message Source’.
  • Copy and paste the full header data.
  • Forward it to Optus customer service.

If you need any sort of help while dealing with the above-mentioned issue then you can get in touch with our team of experts. You can contact via our toll-free number or online chat process.
We are available 24x7 to help you.