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How To Manage Your iCloud Storage

When a user signs up for an email, they will get some free space along with their email address for keeping important documents. iCloud Webmail is one of the leading brands which provide the best email service to their customer. In iCloud, customer gets 5GB of free storage which they can use by keeping photos, videos, important data and backups.

But when with the passage of time, storage starts to get full then user has to do some actions and manage the iCloud storage. In this blog, experts are giving some ways by which user can limit their storage and make space for the things. If you have still any confusion contact iCloud email support at 1-800-764-852.

Check Available Storage on your Apple Device

If the user wants to see the storage of their account, then they should go to the setting of their iPhone. Tap on the user’s name and then click on the iCloud button. From there, customer can see all the activities of the account.

Customer can make space in their iCloud by deleting some files and performing some task by which they can get space in their account.

Manage iCloud Storage

The customer should manage the backup of their device. When a user gets back up of their phone and laptop, all the important files were automatically recovered. These files include documents, photos and videos.

Reduce Photo size

The user should reduce the size of their photos and create space for the other applications. Customer can delete some photos and videos which are of no use.

Remove iCloud Driver

Customer can also manage the iCloud drive by deleting some un-used files from it. And when the user deletes the data from their device, it will remain save in the recycle bin and then automatically removes from there after 30 days.

Manage Email

People can also reduce the space by deleting old emails from their device. The customer can also move the email messages from the iphone and ipad to the Mac. In the Mac, they are not counted in the iCloud storage.

With performing these steps, a user can delete the extra files from the computer which are of no use. And if they find it difficult, they can take help from the experts. All the technicians are ready to help the users in their work and resolve the query.