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How to Get Support for Optus Email Issues

If you need a support for Optus mail issues, you can try some troubleshooting tips. Make sure that your Mobile/Broadband connection is running by browsing with web. First of all, internet system should be repaired. Optimize your operating system by resetting computer or device and application or browser. You should use refreshed connection to access your Optus email.

If you are using another internet service provider for your network connection, you are supposed to use that internet service provider’s outgoing mail server settings to send your emails.

Reach for any assistance by dialing Optus Customer Support Number 1-800-764-852. We are here to guide you round the clock.

Following are the steps to inspect if you have exceeded your email storage limit:

  • Login into your account through web based version.
  • Confirm that you have not exceeded your storage limit.
  • Either save or delete all the unnecessary messages, especially the ones that contain attachments using the web version.
  • Configure your email application to delete your unwanted mails. Remove them from the web version alongside.

You will have to wait for four hours after deletion that you will be able to send and receive mails successfully. Incorrect configuration of settings of your application’s webmail setting may lead your messages to appear. However, they won’t be shown on the web version of your email.

The limits applicable to the sum of all of your OptusNet email folders include messages and attachments. These messages can be in your Sent, Spam, Deleted, Outbox as well as your Inbox folders.

  • Optus account poses a limit of 50MB on its home and mobile broadband customers.
  • Optus account has a limit restriction of 20 MB for its dial – up customers.

Below are the steps to identify your email application:

  • Go to your email application.
  • Tap on ‘Help’ button on the application’s menu bar. In case of Mac OS-X, go to the application’s name on the desktop menu.
  • Choose ‘About’.
  • Note the name and year of your application.

The best method of resolving all the email related issues is by getting in touch with Optus Support Australia. Reach our team of experts and professionals who are here to help you 24/7/365.


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