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How To Fix iCloud Verification Failed Issue

iCloud is an extensive cloud storage service for Apple users. With the provision of 5GB of free storage originally, it allows users to securely store Photos, Videos, Contacts, Notes, Documents and more on the platform. But in recent times, one of the common issues Apple users face while accessing webmail on their devices is ‘failed verification while connecting their iPhone, iPad or Mac to iCloud.

The three common error messages that users receive are:

  • "Verification failed - Could not connect to the server"
  • "Verification failed - The request timed out"
  • "Verification Failed - The connection to iCloud timed out"

How to resolve the verification issue?

Apply the below methods for fixing the issue on the webmail:

Sign in again to the iCloud account:

There are chances that your log in password may be incorrect leading to verification failed. So it’s important to sign-in into your account again with correct log in credentials.

Check your Internet Connection:

The most common reason behind this recurring error might be because of poor internet connection. So, you must ensure that you’re connected to the stable internet connection.

Reset your Network Settings:

You can simply reset the network settings to avoid a problem of webmail’s failed authentication. As sometimes, the network settings might conflict with others, leading to such trouble. Follow the below guideline to reset the network settings:
Go to Settings> Reset> Reset Network Settings> Enter Password

Update your device:

Try the latest version of iOS as there are chances of a bug in the former iOS version, causing the authentication errors occurrence .

Turn off the webmail backup:

If the "Verification Failed" issue occurs when you're trying to log in, then turn off the iCloud backup option under the settings to prevent the webmail from an auto backup of data. Just go to the Settings> iCloud> Backup and turn off the ‘iCloud Backup’.

If none of the above methods works then you can contact the team of iCloud Customer Support The support executives are available at 24/7 to help you. Drop an email or connect with us via live chat as well.